We are the pollinators. What we have in New Mexico is a lush art scene, a unique landscape of viciously talented and variegated creators. We have the incredible occasion of standing on the shoulders of our creatives, wherein we can reach to higher levels of innovation, commerce, viability, and livability. We have a tremendous sense of pride in this.

Humbird is a collaborative who creatively manages artists to market their creations and talents. Our projects are as diverse as the community we have rooted ourselves in. This community is ripe for propagation. Our endeavor is to make more people, both local and national, aware of what’s happening here.

So we are the pollinators. We’re seeking to enrich our little garden by growing its audience. In doing so, the sense of pride flourishes. The more people we introduce to the undeniable beauty our community is producing, the more enchanting our desert becomes, and the more opportunities stem and flower.

We’ve worked with artists, filmmakers, musicians, publishers, breweries, event organizers, gallery owners, and even hairstylists, helping them broaden their audience. We’d love to work with you, too.